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Why Humidity is Such a Problem for Your AC System

High humidity during the summer in St. Augustine, FL, can negatively affect the cooling potential of your air conditioner. In this blog post, we’ll go through why high humidity levels in your home are a problem for your AC system.

What Impact Does High Humidity Have on an AC System?

During summer, when humidity levels are high, the AC system will strain to maintain the required thermal levels inside the house. It’ll cause uneven cooling and increase the wear and tear.

High humidity makes the air warm, making the air conditioner work overtime to generate cool air. This wear and tear reduces indoor air quality and may result in allergic reactions.

How High Humidity Affects Your Air Conditioner

When humidity levels spike, most air conditioners can’t cope since it cancels out the system’s cooling effect. This makes your home feel warmer than it is, which will make your air conditioner run longer without getting the desired effects.

When the humidity rises, your air conditioner’s energy requirement rises. This is because the condenser coil that contacts and absorbs heat from outside air no longer needs to cool as efficiently and often fails at a lower temperature than it should.

High humidity levels are a problem for your air conditioner’s performance and increase the need for frequent AC repairs. You can get more information on how high humidity affects your air conditioner from our team.

Call Us for More Advice about Dealing with High Humidity

Contact Arctic Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating for quality air conditioner installation or a speedy AC repair service in St. Augustine or the surrounding areas in Florida. We’ll help you keep your air conditioner running optimally. We offer comprehensive heating, cooling and indoor air quality services that ensure our customers always feel comfortable inside their homes.

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