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Is My Heat Pump the Wrong Size for My House?

Manufacturers design different sized heat pumps for various heating and cooling needs. The one within your home should be ideal for your space and deliver the comfort you need. Let’s look at a few signs that indicate your heat pump is the wrong size for your house in Ormond Beach, FL.

Your System is Running Constantly

Ideally, your system should operate in cycles. An appropriately sized heat pump willrun in two to three cycles per hour, with each being 10 or 20 minutes.

However, if your home has an undersized heat pump, it’llrun without stopping because your home’s heating needs exceed the heat pump’s capacity. No matter how hard it works, it never reaches the thermostat requirements.

Your System is Short-Cycling

Short-cycling occurs when a heat pump starts a cycle, shuts down before completing it, then starts all over again. This occurrence is common if you have an oversized system. During short-cycling, the system heats your home too fast and shuts down, increasing the wear and tear on the components and resulting in increased repair costs.

Your Energy Bills are High

If your energy bills have been rising steadily in the recent past and it’s not due to intentional increased use, your system is one of the appliances that could be responsible. Its compressor uses the most electric energy when starting. Therefore, if your oversized heat pump keeps starting up multiple times, your energy bill will go up. But if you have an undersized heat pump constantly running, that can also cause it to consume more electric energy.

Contact Arctic Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating if you’re looking for exceptional heating services. One of our highly skilled service technicians will carefully inspect your heat pump’s components and tailor a solution to restore your unit’s efficiency.

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